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About Mark and His Musical Journey Mark, Mother, and brother, Greig, in San Miguel, California Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 5 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 2 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 6 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 3 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 11 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 7 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 8 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welcj 10 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 13 Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 9

My life is unwritten, no path is defined
It moves from these moments I choose
So, if I want beauty, to be That I Am
Let Love be my nourishing food
Surrendering flow to the river
Adrift in the whisper of OM
Align me through Light and deliver
Carry me, carry me Home
Carry Me Home, © 2012. All Rights Reserved

Musical Journey Mark Stanton Welch 4

The union of music and spirit is the driving force of my life these days. From the days of writing about the lost relationships and the struggles of the early 20’s through the creation of Sunday morning songs that opened the hearts of a congregation into the songs that chronicled the ushering in of the Aquarian Age, I have been loyal to my mission: create the songs that serve the ever changing vibration.

I have been a troubadour for lifetimes. In the days long ago I channeled the vibrations that integrated the dimensions. In the ancient mystery schools I learned my deeper craft, the very tools I have brought forth into this incarnation. I am at the age when I can not mince words. Speaking the greater truth of who I Am is necessary to fully participate in all of life.

In these times I use sound, song, chant, and mantra to impact the moment. I let the vibration do the work on the listener. I use sound to attune another, aligning the vibrations of the chakras to bring them into balance. I call forth a chant or a mantra that pulls forth the ancient intentions to do powerful healing work that gets us out of our own way. I surrender to the flow of the moment and follow the frequency that gives me back the knowing of who I have always been.  I do the very things that we all are capable of, indeed, designed, to do.

I Am all about assisting others to remember themselves. The veils are being lifted in mighty ways and our greatest woundings, our castles of resistance, our veils of protection are being shattered to reveal the simple beauty of the I AM expressing as me, as you. Explore this new dimension with me. Visit me at my sister site: The Alchemy of Sound and Vibration and start your journey with assuredness…walk a path that has been cleared for you.

Consider a Vibrational Attune- ment, or a three day cleansing and celebration devoted to you alone with the Rebirth of I Am, or let me walk with you hand in hand in a unique, empowering, Spiritual Mentoring process. Go deeper into the self with the Inner Child Mentoring. Claim the new paradigm and learn to live in the new frequencies with the course, Living As If Already Whole.

Most of all, enjoy the music. Let it resonate through your being. It has been created to reawaken, to clear the old energetic debris, to trigger your inner knowing that gives you back You. It is time….

The voice is our vehicle of our presence and power in the world. It is our tool of manifestation that marshals the forces of the Multiverse to gather to create that which we have spoken. Through conscious use we can create our world experience and form. We can connect with dimensions of spirit via chant and mantra and song. We can transform the moments of living into a sound that clears the vibrational residue of the event. We are that powerful.

Blessings to you in
all of your moments.

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It has been a long and winding road, indeed. Every new pathway delivered something that fit into the puzzle of I Am expressing as Me.

Click the numbered photos in sequence to learn, travel, and see how the music came to be as it is.

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